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Familie aus Richterswil

sucht eine Nanny zum 01.08.2021
in 8805 Richterswil (Zürich)

For a family from Richterswil we are looking for a live-in nanny for 30 hours per week starting August 2021. The nanny will have a large room on a separate floor, with her own shower. Fully furnished, Wifi.

The boy (7 years old) goes to the Hort and has lunch at school. The care is mainly required in the morning and evening and for a few hours on Saturday mornings. The actual working hours are about 15 hours per week, but the employment is for 30 hours per week as a coverage for flexibility. The mother has to travel at a later point, so guarding over night will be needed but that is rare.

Workload includes:

  • Organizing in the morning (breakfast, taking to school)
  • Fetching from school in the evening (before 18h)
  • Helping with language and homework
  • Making dinner
  • Organizing to bed

Required Language Skills: German / Swiss German + English or French

If you are interested, we look forward to receiving your application!

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